Making wxPython easier to handle with PyCrust

This chapter covers

■ Interacting with a wxPython program

■ Reviewing the features of PyCrust

■ Wrapping PyCrust around a wxPython application

■ Working with PyCrust GUI and support modules

■ Interacting with modules from PyCrust in wxPython programs

PyCrust is a graphical shell program, written in wxPython, that you can use to help analyze your wxPython programs.

Why call it PyCrust? When Patrick O'Brien created an interactive Python shell using wxPython, the most obvious name—PyShell—was already in use. PyCrust was chosen instead.

PyCrust is part of a larger Py package that includes additional programs with related functionality including PyFilling, PyAlaMode, PyAlaCarte, and PyShell. The common theme of these programs is the combination of a graphical, point-and-click environment, and wxPython's interactive and introspective runtime features. While each of the Py programs leverage this combination, PyCrust represents the most complete realization of this theme.

In this chapter, we'll show you what PyCrust and its related programs do, and how you can use them to make your work with wxPython flow more smoothly. We'll start by talking about ordinary Python shells, then PyCrust specifically, and finally, we'll cover the remaining the programs in the Py package.

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