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If you're not currently using either Python or wxWidgets, you're in for a real treat, since you'll get the benefit of both the extensive toolkit and the Python language. If you are currently working in Java/Swing, you'll probably find wxPython less complex and easier to use, and the Python language significantly less verbose than Java. If you are currently using a single-platform C++ toolkit like the Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC), then you'll appreciate the cross-platform nature of wxPython. In order to follow the examples in this book, however, some Python familiarity is helpful. If you need to get started on Python itself, try The Quick Python Book, by Daryl Harms and Kenneth McDonald, or the web site

In the next section, you'll learn about the component pieces of wxPython: the Python language itself, and the wxWidgets toolkit. You'll also learn about the rationale and implementation of wxPython itself.

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