What can wxPython do

Nearly all of your interface needs can be filled by wxPython. In this section, we'll show you what some of the wxPython toolkit looks like, using pictures from elements of the wxPython demo application. Figure 1.8 is a composite image showing all the basic widgets you'd expect: buttons, checkboxes, a combo box, menus, list box, a spinner control, text controls and radio buttons.

Figure 1.9 shows less common, but very useful widgets, including a slider control, an editable list box, a time selector, a toolbar, a notebook control, a tree list control, and an analog clock.

The grid control is one of wxPython's most flexible widgets, allowing custom rendering and editing of cells. Figure 1.10 shows an example of many of the features of the grid control.

And that's not all—you also get a quite fully featured HTML-rendering widget that you can use for static styled text, as the base of a simple web browser, as a help system, or anything else you might want to display HTML for. An example is shown in figure 1.11.

Figure 1.8 A sampling of basic user interface controls, including menus, list boxes, and text controls.
Figure 1.9 More advanced interface controls, including a tree list and an analog clock.

Figure 1.10 The mega-grid example, showing custom grid cell rendering.

click here to go to tables test page! click here to go to IMAGEMAPs test page!

This is - - default text, now switching to center, now still ctr, now exiting exited [.[link to down]

Hello, this *is* default charset (helvetica, probably) and it is displayed with one COLOR CHANGE. Of course we can have as many color changes as we can, what about this M ESS?

There was a space above.

This was a line. (BTW we are in fixed font / typevriter font right now :-} This is in BOLD face. This is ITALIC. This is EVERYTHING

R^now centered REALLY Big Text«

you like (space) it?

RIGHT: text-2, text-1, text+O, text-t-1, text+2, text+3, text+4

we are right now we are center now we are left now.

Blue italic text is displayed there

Figure 1.11 The wx.HTMLWindow, showing some of the HTML rendering capability.

We've only just scratched the surface. The wxPython library also includes tools for image animation. You also get clipboard and drag-and-drop support, support for MIME types and audio, all the standard dialogs offered by your system, the ability to specify an interface definition in an XML file, full control over the layout of your windows, and more.

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