What is report mode

In report mode, the list is displayed in a true multi-column format, with each row able to have an arbitrary number of columns attached to it, as displayed in figure 13.4.

□ wx.ListCtrl in wx.LC_REPORT mode

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Figure 13.4 A sample list control in report mode

The report mode is different enough from the icon mode that it's worth presenting the sample code here as well. Listing 13.2 displays the code for creating a list in report mode.

Listing 13.2 Creating a sample list in report mode import wx import sys, glob, random import data class DemoFrame(wx.Frame):

"wx.ListCtrl in wx.LC_REPORT mode", size=(6 00,4 00))

il = wx.ImageList(16,16, True)

for name in glob.glob("smicon??.png"):

bmp = wx.Bitmap(name, wx.BITMAP_TYPE_PNG) il_max = il.Add(bmp) Creating the list self.list = wx.ListCtrl(self, -1, style=wx.LC_REPORT) <-self.list.AssignImageList(il, wx.IMAGE_LIST_SMALL)

for col, text in enumerate(data.columns)

<— Adding columns self.list.InsertColumn(col, text)

for item in data.rows: <-1 Adding rows index = self.list.InsertStringItem(sys.maxint, item[0]) for col, text in enumerate(item[1:]):

self.list.SetStringItem(index, col+1, text)

# give each item a random image img = random.randint(0, il_max) self.list.SetItemImage(index, img, img)

self.list.SetColumnWidth(0, 120) <1-1 Setting column widths self.list.SetColumnWidth(1, wx.LIST_AUTOSIZE)

self.list.SetColumnWidth(2, wx.LIST_AUTOSIZE)

self.list.SetColumnWidth(3, wx.LIST_AUTOSIZE_USEHEADER)

app = wx.PySimpleApp() frame = DemoFrame() frame.Show() app.MainLoop()

In the next sections, we'll discuss how the values are inserted into the proper locations. Report controls are not intended to be very complicated in their display logic. They are best suited for simple lists that contain one or two extra columns of data. If your list control is complex, or contains more data, it is recommended that you switch to a grid control, as described in chapter 14.

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