Working with the GUI programs

The user-level programs are packages that support modules in different ways. Table 4.3 displays a description of the user-level programs.

Table 4.3 End-user programs included in the Py package




Simple source code editor. Edits one file at a time.


Multi-file source code editor. Each file is displayed in a separate notebook tab. The first tab contains a PyCrust splitter window.


Combination of a wxPython shell with a notebook of tabs displaying a variety of runtime information, including a namespace tree viewer.


Simple namespace tree viewer. This program isn't terribly useful on its own. It exists simply as another example of how to use the underlying library.


Simple wxPython shell interface, without the additional notebook that appears in PyCrust. Functionally, the wxPython shells in PyShell and PyCrust are identical.


Command-line utility that runs an existing wxPython program alongside a PyCrust frame, allowing you to manipulate the application within the PyCrust shell.

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